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Angela Lightfoot - Property Manager
Call or write for any reason or just to make the problem go away.
425-891-7691 - angela@centralspace.com

Bruce Dickinson - Maintenance
Call or write when something breaks
206-372-3399 - maintenance1@centralspace.com

Walt Beddall - Maintenance
Call or email when something breaks and you can't get a hold of Bruce.
206-686-6969 - maintenance2@centralspace.com

Fritz Drain Service
Call if your drains are clogged - nobody likes clogged drains....

Owen at Safe And Sound Plumbing - Plumber
Call or email if you have plumbing problems.
206-225-5181 - plumbing@centralspace.com

Robert Blair - Electrician
Call or email if you have electrical problems.
206-391-2322 - electrical@centralspace.com

Stewart Prado - Landscaper and grounds keeper
Call or email if you see a plant in distress or that needs some love.
206-349-0252 - landscaping@centralspace.com

White Fence - Connect All Your Home Services, Utilities and More
1-866-308-4953 - www.whitefence.com

or do it one at a time:

Seattle City Light
Call to have electric bill set up
206-684-3000 - www.seattle.gov

Phone and cable service
1-800-475-7526 - www.qwest.com

Millenium Cable
Internet and cable T.V.
1-800-829-CABL - www.mdm.net

Ron Rubin Centralspace LLC big cheese
Call or write if all else fails
206-669-6993 - ron@centralspace.com